Complete platform for physical rehabilitation 

It combines serious games, validated monitoring solution, and clinical database. Patients perform motivating and adapted mini-games while the system collects and analyzes clinically relevant data. FeasyMotion platform is dedicated to patients suffering from Cerebral Palsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and Brain Stroke.

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Clinical relevance of motion data

Data from “Off-the-shelf” motion capture devices are now available for clinical analysis and are compatible with clinical conventions. Let us help you evaluate your patients.

We respect uniqueness

Each patient is specific and unique. Therefore, our platform enables the therapist to easily adapt the exercises to the needs, goals, and abilities of any of his patients.

Motivating & clinically approved mini-games

Exercises and activities are designed by and for clinicians. They are therapeutically relevant and encourage patients to perform physical rehabilitation while having fun.

Collect data & generate reports

During gameplay, our system collects patient’s motion data, analyzes them afterward and provides feedback from rehabilitation in form of a report.


FeasyMotion integrates gaming aspects into physical therapy to increase patient’s motivation. High adaptability of our mini-games guarantees that they can respond to the specific therapeutic goals of each of your patient’s rehabilitation process.


The FeasyMotion web portal enables therapists to store various clinical and medical data for their patients. It also stores clinically relevant data as well as reports from game plays.

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