Do Patients Perform Their Exercises at Home and why (not)? A Survey on Patients’ Habits during Rehabilitation Exercises

B. Bonnechère, B. Jansen, L. Omelina and S. Van Sint Jan in Ulutas Medical Journal


Introduction: The aim of this paper is to quantify the participation of patients during at-home exercises and also to understand why patients are not performing these exercises, which are nevertheless a major component of the rehabilitation, and find some perspectives to increase patients’ motivation and participation.
Material and method: A self-reporting survey was conducted. 319 patients (mean age=42+-15 years old, 147 female) having experience with different specialty of physiotherapy participated in this study. The main outcome measurement is the percentage of adherence to at-home exercises. Secondary outcomes of measurement are reasons why patients are not performing these exercises and finally what could stimulate them to do it.
Results: 29% of the patients reports a total adherence, 54% are partially adherence and 17% of the patients do not perform any of the recommended exercises. Partially mean that patients only performed 33% of the right amount of repetitions and duration. The total percentage of participation is about 50% of the recommendation of physiotherapists. Lack of time and tedious exercises are the two main reasons why patients do not do these exercises.
Conclusion: Guidelines recommend the use of exercises program as supplement of physiotherapy sessions. However, patient’s participation and adherence are quite low. Therefore specific solution must be developed to increase patient’s motivation and in fine the quality of treatment and care.

Full article available here.


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